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3.63cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone  Lab Certified

3.63cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone Lab Certified

3.49cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone  Lab Certified

3.49cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone Lab Certified

3.78cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone Lab Certified

Wearing panna sharpens the intelligence. Since intelligence is the domain of mercury, panna stone can help enhance an individual’s understanding of life, taking a balanced stand and the ability to understand complex things of life with ease.Once you wear panna stone, you will find a sharp spurt in your creative abilities, language skills, artistic talents and power to innovate.Astrological medicine says panna has a lot of health benefits too. It can help you overcome speech difficulties and can remedy respiratory difficultiesOrigin and Sources Of Emerald. Emeralds are mostly found in Columbia, Zambia, Brazil & Zimbabw Day of Wearing Emerald: Wednesday
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3.78cts Emerald (panna) Gemstone Lab Certified
Emerald Gemstone or Panna stone is ruled by the planet Mercury. Emerald exhibits many metaphysical properties. However, to benefit and derive maximum advantage from these metaphysical properties, this gemstone should be worn using the right procedures and methods. Emerald is known to enhance business capabilities, communication, intuition, intelligence, and education. The planet is also said to enhance love and relationship. People awaiting promotion or students sitting for exams can be benefited from the gemstone. Businessmen who wish to do better in their projects can wear the emerald for prosperity. Issues related to the brain and speech have an easy solution in this stone. People who are fighting depression and have been cheated by a beloved should wear this. It is said to resolve legal disputes and bring prosperity. It is said to attract green cosmic rays which bring all-round development to the wearer. It is said to attract green cosmic rays and maintains the friendship with the marriage partner and business partner. It also oversees the health of the reasoning systems, abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure, and ulcer
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heated/treated no
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