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  1. best online gemstone store

    Hi i would like to introduce my firm Rekha Gems (Neelam Gemstone Dealer) that has been in the bussiness of gemstone ,rudraksha and astrological consultancy..from past 50 years we have been established and popular company with an excillent track record for best costumer satisfaction .plz feel free to contact..for any requirement regarding gemstone,rudraksha and astrological services

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  2. find gemstone by date of birth

    find gemstone by date of birth ARIES – Red Coral TAURUS - Opal GEMINI – Emerald CANCER – Pearl LEO – Ruby VIRGO – Emerald LIBRA – Opal SCORPIO – Red Coral SAGITTARIUS – Yellow Sapphire CAPRICORN – Blue Sapphire AQUARIUS – Blue Sapphire PISCES – Yellow Sapphire

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  3. gemstone according to kundali

    gemstone according to kundali Generally, it is seen that most of the people wear the gemstone without following the simple rules. The thumb rule is that we should always wear the gemstone of Ascendant lord, 5th lord and 9th lord i.e the Trikonadhipati. No ancient book has recommended the weight of the gemstone. However, some modern books and writers are opinion of recommending gems according to the weight of the native. For example: The person with 50 KG weights should use 5 Karats and if the native is 60 KG then 6 Karats. It means 1 Karat should be increased for every 10 kilogram. Lastly, the gemstone of inimical planet should not be used together like Ruby with Blue sapphire and Yellow Sapphire with Emerald.

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  4. gem recommendation online

    gem recommendation online Astro- Gemologist- This is a very rare breed even though now many wannabees lay claim wanting to belong to this category. This is a combination of excellence in both the categories of Astrology as well as Gemology and the AstroGemologist is the best positioned to make the most rewarding recommendation. As stated earlier look for statistical body of work, evaluate work quality, look for references and you shall have your answer this since is a pretty limited range to choose from.

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  5. gemstone astrology calculator

    gemstone astrology calculator We need to look at the Native Chart. We need to find out the relative Strength of planet

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  6. gemstone according to birth chart

    gemstone according to birth chart gemstones are also predicted by astrologers after analyzing your birth chart. If you have some particular problem like child, marriage or any health issues, the your astrologer will recommend you stone depending on your horoscope.

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  7. gem prediction based on date of birth

    gem prediction based on date of birth Some people suggest wearing gems of trikonas. Others say that gems of exalted planets are beneficial. Then there’s a third category who support gems of debilitated planets. Then there’s fourth for karaka planets, fifth for maraka planets and so on.

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